In the IALCCE conference in Ghent –BELGIUM (International Symposium on life-cycle civil engineering) October 2018 there is a special session coordinated by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences,BOKUVienna, Austria The aim of this session is  to introduce and establish soil bioengineering systems and its construction material  in this symposium. The main focus is the examination of its life cycle and the durability, the behaviour of soil bioengineering measures with time.

This Special Session provides a forum to present and discuss relevant issues for soil bioengineering structures with the specific focus of Life-Cycle assessment:

  • Development of “living engineering structures”
  • Life cycle assessment of soil bioengineering structures
  • Environmental and economic aspects associated with the life cycle of soil bio engineering systems
  • Operation, maintenance and best practice
  • Management of soil bioengineering structures
  • Impact of external hazards on soil bioengineering systems
  • Conventional versus soil bioengineering materials and structures

The deadline for submitting is the 31.8.2017

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