Meeting In Evora 9th march

The University of EVORA  in collaboration with  The European Federation of Soil and Water Bioengineering and  and support from the ECOMED Erasmus+project, organise the International  Workshop “Formation in Soil and Water Bioengineering

The seminar will be organized in two  thematic  sessions one for each subject and would have an open discussion. There would be some short interventions from 3 or 4 experts to launch the discussion

The themes would be following:

  • Specific formation for Bioengineering – one would discuss the different needs in terms of formation (at all professional and formal levels) necessary to foster the development and generalized adoption and effective construction and management of bioengineering solutions. This imply discuss what are the necessary skills for each type of actor in the process of planning designing construction and management, from the bioengineering experts (higher formation – Master level?), to the subcontractors from other technical domains, the construction managers, the workers and all other involved technician (including eventually politicians and administration technicians.
  • Practical Management of relations with other disciplines and technicians – one would discuss the way the network of relations with other technical specialties, from the planning and design phase (phytosociology, geotechnics, structures, silviculture, nurseries, etc.) to the construction (all types of subcontractors and particularly the subcontractors and project manager from the general project where the bioengineering intervention is included) and maintenance conduction, monitoring and management.