Stream Restoration and Bioengineering Training Course

The National Water Conservation Awareness Centre from Malta in collaboration with the European Federation of Soil and Water Bioengineering organizes the training course in Stream restoration and S&W Bioengineering the 16 and 17th September 2019.

Wied il-Fiddien is one of the largest intermittent streams that flows for between 9-10 months per year, depending on the extent of precipitation. In this project, various bioengineering techniques are used to restore the structure and functions of the riparian habitats found along the valleybed, including re-contouring, replacement of invasive species by species typical of Willow and Poplar galleries of the Central Mediterranean, and slowing down of the water flow to increase aquifer replenishment. The techniques used will be discussed in detail in this training course, and experiences learnt from previous projects along the same valley are used to increase the area covered by these riparian ecosystems. Following the completion of this project, this intermittent stream is expected to host the largest extent of riparian ecosystems in the country, turning Wied il-Fiddien into a potential refugium for riparian species.

The objective of this training course is to teach all the people involved or working in this project, the various restoration and bioengineering techniques that will be used to restore the habitats.

The training course will be held over two days, the first in the National Water Conservation Awareness Centre at Nigret on Monday 16th September, and the second will be held in the field at Fiddien valley on Tuesday 17th September. The on site training session on Tuesday will include practical training on how to build gabion dams, brushlayers and crib walls, and will be led by Dr. Gianluigi Pirrera. Lunch will be served on both days at the National Water Conservation Awareness Centre at Nigret between 1200-1330. Coffee breaks will be available at the centre on Monday in the morning and in the afternoon.

Potential participants will need to send an email showing their interest in attending the training course to and state which company they are representing and their interest in the training course. Potential participants will also state whether they have any allergies such that the necessary amendments to the menu could be organised for those participants. The cost of the training course for all accepted participants is free.


Date: 16-17 September 2019
Venue: The National Water Conservation Awareness Centre Nigret and Fiddien Valley

More info and program (PDF)